Quick Start Guide

These instructions lead you to the migration of your MoinMoin installation to Tiki. If something isn’t understandable, please see the Overview.

Prepare the Tiki Server for Moin2Tiki

You need to prepare the Tiki server, so it will work correctly with the pages that Moin2Tiki generates. See Preparations.

Prepare the MoinMoin Server

MoinMoin stores all pages in the pages directory. If you’re using MoinMoin as a desktop wiki (no installation), then you start the MoinMoin server by calling the wikiserver.py' script. In this case, the pages directory iswiki/data/pages`, under your MoinMoin directory. Your MoinMoin directory tree is then owned by your normal Unix user.

Moin2Tiki must be called as the (Apache) WWW user (normally “www-data”). Therefore, you must grant this user read rights to the pages directory. You can do this, for instance, by changing the user of the pages directory (and its contents) to “www-data”. Or you add “www-data” to your Unix user’s group, in /etc/group.

When you get a “permission denied” error when calling Moin2Tiki, this probably means that it doesn’t have read permission for the “pages” directory.

Compile Moin2Tiki (optional)

With Moin2Tiki comes with an AppImage. This means that it brings along all needed libraries and will run on any Linux machine. Just rename the appimage/moin2tiki-*-x86_64.AppImage file to moin2tiki and you’re fine.

If you want to compile it yourself, see Compiling Moin2Tiki.

Prepare Moin2Tiki

The following commands are, ready to use, in the create.sh script.

Moin2Tiki must be run as the WWW user (normally “www-data”). So you must place the needed support files somewhere the WWW user can access them. Let’s make a directory /tmp/moin2tiki to store moin2tiki and all extra files there.

sudo mkdir -p /tmp/moin2tiki

Now let’s copy the main program, moin2tiki, and the support files there. There’s a script called moin2tiki.sh, which we’ll use later to call Moin2Tiki.

sudo cp -f moin2tiki moin2tiki.sh pnrepl /tmp/moin2tiki
sudo touch /tmp/moin2tiki/ignore-list

These files all need to be readable and writeable by the moin2tiki program. Therefore we hand them over to the WWW user:

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /tmp/moin2tiki
sudo chmod -R u=rwX,go= /tmp/moin2tiki

Prepare the moin2tiki.sh Script

Edit the shell script /tmp/moin2tiki/moin2tiki.sh. You need to fill in the following information:

You can also change the path separator. The script uses ::. Just edit the --pathsep=:: line.

Run Moin2Tiki

Now we’re ready to run Moin2Tiki! First we test the setup, with the following command, which should list all the Tiki page names, which correspond to the MoinMoin page names.

/tmp/moin2tiki/moin2tiki.sh listtiki --all

You should have gotten some messages about zombie pages, some statistics and the list of Tiki page names. When you call the script again, you won’t see the zombie pages any longer, because they have been placed in the ignore list.

When everything works as expected, you’re ready to migrate your MoinMoin pages. But first you should make a backup of your Tiki database. Run this command as root:

mysqldump tiki > tiki.sql.bak

You can restore the backup with (as root):

mysql tiki < tiki.sql.bak

Now we’re ready to migrate your pages from MoinMoin to Tiki:

/tmp/moin2tiki/moin2tiki.sh migrate --all

Check your Tiki, the pages should be there!