This document lists limitations of the last version of Moin2Tiki. If they don’t allow you to use Moin2Tiki, I might be willing to help you and improve it. Please contact me, at <post at volker-wysk dot de>.

Only One User

Moin2Tiki so far supports only one user. You can specifiy only one for each call of the moin2tiki program. Theoretically, you can call it with different MoinMoin users, one for each call. But you would have to sort out the pages of each MoinMoin user, what probably is impractical.

Moin2Tiki may support multiple users in a later version.


Non-supported MoinMoin features

Non-perfect Transformations

When you have a link from a selected page to a non-selected page and the link has an anchor part and the anchor name includes non-ASCII letters and it’s an explicit anchor (not to one generated from a heading) then you will get a broken link. The link to the page will be okay, but the anchor part will dangle. See here for more details.

Other Shortcomings