Compiling Moin2Tiki

Moin2Tiki comes with an AppImage, so you don’t need to compile it yourself, unless you want to change something. See the appimage directory. You can just rename the moin2tiki-*-x86_64.AppImage file to moin2tiki and use that.

Moin2Tiki runs under Linux. I don’t plan to do a release for Windows. Porting it shouldn’t be very hard, though, provided you know Mercury.

Install the Mercury compiler

Moin2Tiki is written in the Mercury language, except for a small part in PHP. You need the glorious Melbourne Mercury Compiler to compile. Mercury isn’t included in the Ubuntu repositories, and probably the repositoris of other Linux distributions either.

You have the following options to install the Mercury compiler:

Install the Posix library

You need to install the Posix “extra” library for compiling Moin2Tiki. For this, you need a running compiler and a current source distribution of the compiler, because it is distributed in the “extras” directory in the compiler sources. Download it from here under the heading “ROTD versions”.

Go to the extras/posix directory and run this command:

mmc -j8 --make libposix.install

The -j8 argument specifies your number of processor cores. Change as needed.

More Dependencies

Now you need to install the development files of the glib2.0 library, which Moin2Tiki uses. This is a package which should be included in all Linux distributions. In Ubuntu, it is called libglib2.0-dev.


Go to the top directory of the Moin2Tiki source distribution and run this command:


You get the binary program moin2tiki.