The mmc-get Libraries

This is a human-readable form of the Mercury packages database at the “Packages” website.

Table of Contents

AlaskanEmily/Merjure - Interop library for using Mercury code from within Clojure
AlaskanEmily/aimg - Image loading library with bindings for Mercury
AlaskanEmily/audio_player - Opus/ogg audio player written in Mercury
FJOgg - zlib-licensed ogg media container reading library
FlyingJester/CinnabarEngine - Adventure game engine
FlyingJester/SDL2 - SDL2 bindings for Mercury
FlyingJester/cinnabar - Stacking, Reparenting Window Manager for X11
FlyingJester/fjnet - bindings for libfjnet (a cross-platform networking library)
FlyingJester/guid - GUID implementation for Mercury
FlyingJester/json - A JSON reader and writer
FlyingJester/medit - A slightly crazy text editor library
Mercury-XML - Event-based parsing of XML streams.
PaulBone/mclibs - Mercury libraries that Mission Critical Australia Pty Ltd has open-sourced
PaulBone/protobuf-mercury - Protocol buffers
TransUnit - Unit testing library for Mercury code
bower - A curses terminal client for the Notmuch email system
charles_shuller/mercury_unit - A Unit Test Framework
charles_shuller/mpm - mpm – Mercury Project Manager
fact_table_utils - A utility for working with fact tables
getr - benchmarking wrapper around getrusage
httpsrv - Embedded HTTP server for Mercury programs.
juliensf/mercury-servlet - binding to the Java servlet API
juliensf/mercury-slf4j - binding to SLF4J
lambdataro/Mercury-Block - Block breaking game
mercury-csv - library for writing and reading CSV data to and from character streams
mercury-java - Mercury binding to (some of) the Java class libraries
mercury-json - library for reading and writing JSON from character streams
mercury-uuid - library providing universally unique identifiers (UUIDs).
mfcgi - FastCGI binding
mgudemann/mercury_gmp_int - Multi-precision integers for Mercury based on GMP
mmc-doc - CLI tool to quickly look up Mercury documentation
mucaho/todomer - demo implementation of TodoMVC
plugsink - A bidirectional IMAP/Maildir synchronisation tool
sebgod/delphi-analyser - A call-graph analyser for the Delphi language
sebgod/generic-math - Enables the generic use of ints, floats, integers and complex numbers using typeclasses.
sebgod/math - Various algorithms
sebgod/mercury-mongoose - A Mercury library wrapping popular light-wight webserver mongoose
sebgod/mercury-slre - SLRE (super-light regular expression) binding for Mercury
sebgod/mercury-unicode - Unicode character database parser and library for the Mercury language.
sebgod/mpm - A Mercury package manager, using concepts from the npm package manager.
sebgod/shift-reduce - A shift-reduce parser for Mercury
sebgod/si-units - A typesafe and functional SI units implementation using Mercury typeclasses.
sebgod/skat - An implementation of the Skat card game using Mercury

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